5-8 May 2021

The Bioinformatics Open Days Edition X are coming, BRACE YOURSELVES!

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All event will be held online through Zoom.
Other activities will be held in our discord server so don't forget to join us!

About us

Following what is happening around the world, in Portugal, Bioinformatics has experienced an outstanding growth over the past few years. This is reflected academically through the development of prestigious post-graduations and in the economical/business sector with the establishment of new startup companies with international connections.
Bioinformatics Open Days is a student-led initiative, first held at University do Minho, Braga, in 2012. It aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between students, teachers and researchers from the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology fields.
This year we will be celebrating the 10th Edition of Bioinformatics Open Days and the 5th Anniversary of ELIXIR Portugal. This event will be ONLINE, with the stream being held in the University of Minho, from May 5th to 8th.



The organizing committee of BOD is glad to announce that the registrations for this year’s edition are now OPEN!
In order to register to one of our workshops please use the following link [Workshop Registration].

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NOTE: If you would like to only attend May 5th please register for free through the following link dedicated to the 5th Anniversary of ELIXIR Portugal [Registration].


The overview program for this event.



Here’s the selection of this edition’s speakers.

Network Session

The companies present in this edition’s network session.

SilicoLife HearGenetics P-Bio ILoF CBRGenomics


In order to register to one of our workshops please refer to the following link [Workshop Registration].


The FIRST BOD challenge!

The very FIRST BOD Challenge is introduced in this commemorative tenth edition of the Bioinformatics Open Days.
This Challenge is composed of 3 tasks in Python 3 and will test the ability of each team to, not only find the solution, but to find the optimal solution as fast as possible. The teams can have a maximum number of 4 individuals. Select option 2 to register and use credentials to enroll via login.
Does your team have what it takes to become the first ever BOD Challenge Winner?
Please read the challenge regulation which is available through the following link [Regulation].

Due to technical problems please do not register using gmail. If you enroled in the challenge and did not receive the credentials please contact: bod.gerail@gmail.com


Cheers to the ones who helped us in this journey!

Engeneering School of University of Minho Nebium BioData.pt Elixir Portugal P-Bio